3P15RF / Flash Hider (Plan B, Atlas)

Forward Controls Design

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3P15 is a 1/2 x 28, 5.56mm Plan B compatible flash suppressor / sound suppressor mount, a collaboration between Revival Defense and Forward Controls Design. 3P15 is both a precision suppressor mount for Plan B and Atlas compatble sound suppressors and a superb flash suppressor.
The design of the wrench flats on the 3P15 allows users to install using a standard AR Armorers Wrench, castle nut wrench, or the JCW.
The internal grooves serve to improve gas expansion and cooling, but by themselves, they're not sufficent to make the device a better flash suppressor.  Width of the prings, distance and shape of the opening between each prong, the bore size and the length of the prongs are all factors.  
3P15 has external 0.900 x 24 threads, compatible with sound suppressors with 0.900 x 24 threads (such as CGS and Plan B) and adapters such as Rearden's Atlas adapter.
Length: 2.15"
Weight: 2.4oz
Internal threads: 1/2 x 28
External threads: 0.900 x 24 
Wrench flats: 3/4"
3P15 has .900 x 24 External threads & a taper that are compatible with Plan B Type Mounts such as REARDED Mounts and Various Suppressors. FCD/RD worked with various suppressor companies such as CGS in order to ensure compatibility with their devices when using a Rearden ATLAS


Q: Is the 3P15 long enough to be Pinned and Welded?

Yes, the 3P15  will bring a 14.5” barrel over the 16” mark when pinned and welded.