North Texas Ordnance

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Say hello to the MLG Customs x NTXO Topo EPC-M!

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Standing on the shoulders of Forward Controls Design's internet breaking EPC, the EPC-M seeks to make a small quality of life improvement on an already fantastic design. Like it's predacessors, the EPC-M (Ejection Port Cover) features 7075 Billet aluminum construction and is Type III hardcoat anodized for a lasting, durable finish. However, unlike the original offerings, the EPC-M features a single dimple (depression) dead center of the port door. The "-M" designation simply means "middle".

When on the gun, we constantly found ourselves closing the port door by pushing on the center portion of the EPC, rather than using the offset dimple(s). This design retains everything we love about the FCD EPC, while relocating the dimple to the center to provide a unique design with an improved "tactile" feel upon closing.

Although we find the dimples to be aesthetically pleasing, they do serve a purpose. Flat surfaces provide nothing in terms of differentiating one surface from another. In this scenario, the exterior of the EPC-M is treated as a control surface, and the depression gives users definitive texture feedback.

Like the original EPC, EPC-M also features two "tabs" that flank either side of the spring cutout. This feature allows the EPC-M to rest at a greater angle when in the "open" position giving more room for the user to get "under" the port door for closing.

Left: TDP ejection port cover.  Right: EPC.  Both in the "open" position.  Please note that depending on the upper receiver, the area below the ejection port cover will vary in thickness, which affects the angle of the EPC when the port cover is open/down.


  • 7075 Billet aluminum construction
  • Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Based on TDP dimensions
  • Weight: 0.30 oz
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA