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HSM (Hand Stop, MLOK) started out life as a modular hand stop with modular attachments that would convert it into a short and mid length foregrip.  The design was complete in 2019, Covid 19 related shortages coupled with the complexity of the design (simple in concept but difficult to execute) delayed the project half a dozen times.

In 2023, the modular concept had gone through a change due to its complexity and high cost, and been replaced by separate, standalone versions: a hand stop and a short fore grip.  The design is no longer modular, but gone too is the high cost of manufacturing.
HSM is the stand alone hand stop.   From the outset, HSM has been designed to be wider than the width of the MLOK handguard's mounting base width at 0.75", we see no reason the grip or hand stop couldn't be wider for more usable surface and contact.  HSM measures 1.25" wide, and provides better traction from the increased usable contact area with the user's hand.  There is noticeable overhang on both sides of HSM on both sides, this is by design.
HSM's shape is based on its functions.  HSM is slightly angled at 10 degrees with a flaring at the bottom.  There are flutes on the sides designed to be a resting place for the user's finger tips.  This finger tip rest feature is mostly lost on the HSM since it's too short, but is far more useful on the short grip version.  The serrations are on 6 sides of HSM do a very good job providing traction. 
HSM is reversible, depending on how the user's preference, and works equally well in either direction.
Weight (with included MLOK hardware): 1.38oz
Height: 1.10"
Length (top): 1.55"
Length (bottom): 1.64"
Width: 1.25
Hard coat anodized in black, FDE, or ODG.
A 1/8 Allen key is required for MLOK hardware installation (not included)
Torque value: 35 in lb (max) for aluminum handguards, 15 in lb (max) for polymer handguards.
Proudly designed and made in the USA.